Partnering to provide
a whole health approach
to orthopedic care

Reduce costs, improve access and
grow market share with Livara's
orthopedic care management system

Taking a platform approach to unify patient care

Livara is an orthopedic care management platform guiding patients to a better quality of life. We partner with forward-looking healthcare organization, payors and providers on an impactful new model that combines advanced patient analytics and navigation with an interdisciplinary care delivery network to position your organization for growth.

For 15 years, Livara has
pioneered a new approach to orthopedic treatment.

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What does Livara do
for its partners?

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Happier Patients

Nearly 10 in 10 patients would recommend Livara to friends and family suffering with orthopedic pain. Why?

  • A patient experience refined over 15 years.
  • Superior clinical outcomes based on research.
  • All the resources a patient needs under one roof.
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Cost Savings

MSK is the largest spending category in healthcare, and accounts for a high share of employee medical costs and absenteeism.

  • Livara's system risk scores patients, creates their ideal care pathway, and connects them with the care they need, either online or in local networks of preferred providers.
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A Growth Story

By creating a destination for orthopedic health based on 15 years of clinical refinement, we create places where people want to go for care. A hybrid onsite & online approach creates a differentiated experience that builds market share.

So, how does it work?

  • Livara helps you care for patients with an orthopedic care management system that unifies the patient experience with an individual risk score and customized care pathway
  • Matches a patient with a personal coach to customize treatment before, during, and after an acute episode occurs — and connects them with a preferred provider network for in person care needs including our owned SpineZone clinics in CA
  • Offers a full range of integrated programs — including nutrition, mindfulness, addiction services, and sleep counseling — to address the complicated physical and behavioral factors that lead to chronic pain
  • Features a care team composed of orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, addiction specialists, sleep counselors, mindfulness professionals, and nutritionists working together to understand and address the unique underlying issues impacting pain for a patient
  • Integrates with local physical therapy and specialist providers to give patients access to efficient and personalized care
  • Integrates with orthopedic surgeons and primary care physicians to remove the burden of chronic pain sufferers from their waiting rooms and allows surgeons to see only patients who really need their expertise
  • Leverages artificial intelligence to enable a scalable population health solution to take financial risk for total cost of care
  • Offers a maintenance program customized to address sustainable orthopedic health with access to education, exercises, nutrition, and community support
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a quick look at the numbers


Net promoter score


patient narcotic elimination


for depression


average patient
reduction in
back pain

Livara partners with leading payors, providers and health systems to navigate the complex biopsychosocial needs of MSK patients before, during and after they seek care. By providing a whole health approach to orthopedic care, partners improve outcomes, drive down costs and create a pathway for growth.

The partners that help us realize our mission.

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Let your patients
do all the talking.

When you become the trusted orthopedic
health partner for your community, your patients will tell your story for you.

In six weeks of doing therapy, I was able to completely transform how I felt. Livara has given me my life back. I'm happy knowing that there is hope for those out there in chronic pain.

S.C. from San Diego

I immediately think of SpineZone for patients with chronic non-surgical orthopedic pain. SpineZone represents these patients' best bet for decreasing daily pain and improving posture and functional status.

Sharp Healthcare Physician

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